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Lol i like how the son mentions genetics yet just asked where babies come come :P

themisterholliday responds:

Them kids always smarter than they seem

Seems legit... Thanks for the guide. But for now ill make sure to stay indoors till the dreaded day comes. Never know when the sun might betray you <_<

themisterholliday responds:

Yea outside is a dumb idea. Inside rules.

Tarzan O.P. pls nerf.


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oh god i loved this. i just came out a few weeks ago as transgender. i could feel alot of the same emotions coming up as the story progressed, like when your just about to come out someone says something negative about the group of people your just about to come out as, and its just like AUGH! but i really enjoyed the ending... i needed that... alot

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hey thanks for the reviews, thought id check out your stuff
i really like the atmosphere in this piece, i feel like im out on some journey through some ancient alien ruin all alone trying to figure out what happened to them. yet i am distracted by the strange and beautiful architecture i am surrounded by

PompYin responds:

Cheers for the feedback iLifeMusicDude!

That'd make a great premise for a video, been making a lot of spacey tracks recently, finishing off the album project which has similar themes.

omg i loved that show as a kid xD
you even took one of my favorite parts of the show and made it even more awesome

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

hah thanks n.n glad you liked

reminds me of Aran Samus's theme alot, was that an inspiration?

SteveSyz responds:

Thanks! I am unfamiliar with Samus's theme, although I have played the (Metroid?) games. My inspiration came from 3d animated superheroes haha!

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i could totally see a game use art design like these. its so fun to look at! keep up the work.

jfkid responds:


ooo i cant wait to see the colored version :D i tried drawing something like this along time ago but never finished it, i should try again! :P

Kamikaye responds:

Thanks :) I'm on it ! Yea you should !

This is a great back ground piece! I like the dusty cyberpunk industrial feel to it.

Kamikaye responds:

Thank you :)

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